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BRE case study
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REDtipTM mounting frame selected for the BRE's own PV system

The BRE has now completed the commissioning of a new roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar array at its research and office complex in Garston near Watford.

The specification of the project was finalised by design engineers at South Facing in close consultation with industry experts at BRE including the organisation's wind-loading and structural engineering specialists as well as BRE Ventures Innovation Director Andrew Williams, and Steve Pester, a leading authority in photovoltaic technologies here in the UK.

'We set our own stringent standards for the installation' explains Andrew Williams. 'However, the roof construction provided quite a few challenges in terms of structural and wind loading. We also required third party approval of any component used in the installation which meant that manufacturer's claims and product specifications could not be taken at face value.' REDtipTM had to satisfy all structural considerations and had to meet BRE's requirements for 30 year lifecycle.

"The 128 high performance 230 Watt REC modules, were chosen because of the company's good reputation, long product warranty, exceptional performance and very low embodied carbon associated with their manufacture" Dean Ryland's Project Manager at South Facing commented. REDtip SwiftRailTM ExpressRailTM Mounting Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK. This very important benefit reduces transport emissions and promotes local employment and helped us win the tender.

"Using REDtip's UK manufactured 15o aluminium triangles and mounting rails, we designed the mounting frame to provide fifteen rows of eight modules, with a further two rows of just four modules to eliminate any risk of potential wind uplift."

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